Content Management Systems

Its a common problem that we as a company encounter.  A business approaches us.  They had their website built 2/3/4/5 years ago, but the web designers have disappeared into thin air, or have gone off travelling around the world.  They are now stuck with a website that they have no access to; no changes can be made, no updates to contact details; no new pictures; no new pages.  Nothing.

All is not lost however.  Its quite possible to get log in details for domains and hosting space.  This will allow a new web designer to step in and install a content management system (or CMS) so that your business never loses control of its website ever again.

CMS allows you to log in and make changes to the website without breaking the overall look and feel, nor can it damage the navigation.  CMS is either a free service, or for full control you will need to pay a monthly fee.

Even though we are a UK based company, we recommend the excellent  CushyCMS which offers both a free and paid for service (about £20 per month).  One word of warning however… despite its claims of ease of use, these systems can be difficult to implement initially, which is where we come into play.  WillcoxMedia specialises in installing content management systems, making it easy for you to edit and create new pages on your website.   We can also usually find access to domain names and hosting space which you do not have any details or passwords for.

In future, make sure your company always keeps a copy of its registration details, hosting accounts and any access codes that you may require.

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